Quarter Century Experience

Since 1995, we are mediating the rebirth of structures with aesthetic and innovative designs.


Since 1995, Grasdek which provides services in decoration and restoration sector has revived other new designs with esthetic and innovator and functional design in ways ergonomically design with marble, travertine and granite. From now, it succeeds the successful projects in the part of world and it’s proved their experience in detail and they become a role model accepted by everyone in sectors. There are some countries that ally with Grastek like England, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Philippines. They conducted a construction in these countries like business district, shopping mall, hotel, congress center, administrative building, underground construction. With the intention of giving their client the best serve they manage their process in attention and care from beginning to the end. Our crucial mission is to fulfill natural material with the harmony of esthetic and technology and environmental consciousness. Also, our passion is to round the form with coherent and innovative and functional design. By the help of our functional and unique products we make real the client and architect’s dream and so we have building unique construction.


Our priority is working devotedly to our missions and satisfying the client’s need on time so we prepare the project faithfully in the name of decoration and restoration sector.


It gets through the project that is given promise to private and public institutions to specialize in decoration and restoration sector is secured our position with our faith and quality. By constructing building by preserve of uniqueness, strong and innovative structures and adding positive value it’s becoming popularizing brand in the world in the sector of restoration and decoration.